South Side Academy Earns an Overall C Grade

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Throughout the state, 250 community schools received traditional report card grades.

60 earned Cs, 87 earned Ds and 71 earned Fs, according to Ohio Department of Education spokesman Dan Minnich.

Southside Academy, 1400 Oak Hill Ave. earns an overall C grade.

For Southside Academy Principal Stephanie Groscost, the school’s overall C grade is a definite improvement over 2018’s overall D grade.

The kindergarten-through-eighth grade school earned Bs in progress and gap closing.

Southside Academy is one of 20 schools in the Educational Empowerment Management group.

“There has been a cultural shift in the last four years,” Groscost said. “We’ve been allowed to have more independence, so we put a lot of focus on basic reading, concentrating on phonics in the early grades, as well as comprehension and interpretation.”

“We want more engaged readers, because that will help them in all other subjects,” Groscost said. “We are giving our students achievable goals. Our parents are more involved than in prior years.”

Over the next school year, the school will focus on improving attendance and proficiency scores, Groscost said.

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