October Update

We have an exuberant amount of great things occurring at South Side Academy.  We strive to meet the needs of all of our family members, therefore, our events take place at various times of the day to ensure that every family will have the opportunity to attend events.  We kicked off our efforts with a grocery giveaway and a chance to win a manicure or a wash and style at our annual open house.  Our manicure and hairstyle were donated by Imaginations, a local salon.  The grocery giveaway was made possible by funds from a private donor then purchased and packed for distribution by the parishioners of St. Pat’s Church lead by Vicki Vickers. 

Within the school day, our students are using numerous resources and hands-on activity to enrich their learning.  Students are engrossed in science observations in kindergarten.  Third grade is utilizing hallway space and real life scenarios to master rounding.  Our seventh graders have proven to be great math tutors for our third graders as well. 

South Side Academy’s 6th-8th graders are currently presenting their projects on the Holocaust with Ms. Migliozzi hoping to secure a guest speaker.  We will also have high school students visit our middle school students to help guide them through the transition into high school. 

We have again partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Youngstown to provide transportation to our students who attend the club after school. 

Morgan Lasher